11/27 to 12/3: Cyber Week!
11/27 to 12/3: Cyber Week!

How IBE® Will Change Your Career

IBE® has gathered and created a community of stylists that all want to see each other do well, joining this community will unlock new earning potential and encourage positive mindsets and change your view about what is possible in the beauty industry.

How IBE® Helped My Clients

INSTANT confidence boost, from the moment of install to caring for it at home and to the reinstall appointment. Each one of my guests no matter if they are new to extensions or have been wearing them for years, they are able to care for them at home. And they look and feel more confident having longer and fuller hair.

My IBE® Mentor Experience

To have someone encouraging me and answering all the questions that I had made a world of difference. It was amazing having support through the very challenging certification process. It is important because it helps hold you accountable and to have another person rooting for you to succeed makes you feel valued and unstoppable.