11/27 to 12/3: Cyber Week!
11/27 to 12/3: Cyber Week!

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Shelby Anderson


How IBE® Will Change Your Career

Becoming certified in Invisible Bead Extensions® offers the detailed certification and mentorship it takes to become successful as an extension stylist. You will see your average client ticket price double, triple, or even more after maximizing your potential, working smarter with IBE® in your arsenal behind the chair.

How IBE® Helped My Clients

I have been able to offer my clients a luxury extension experience that leaves them jaw-dropped by the end. My guests know that IBE® is a tool to enhance or transform their natural hair, without compromising or causing damage. This has allowed cancer survivors, thyroid patients, and hormonal or Covid hair loss clients to receive a service that brings back that confident smile and leaves them feeling amazing.

My IBE® Mentor Experience

Having a 1-on-1 mentor to walk me through my certification helped me to feel confident, and comfortable being honest about where I was struggling without trying to troubleshoot on my own. I had tons of questions and loved being able to message my mentor and get videos, pictures, and audio feedback that really helped my growth and development. My mentor always encouraged and guided me to take the time and properly learn my skills during certification setting me up for success with my clients.