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IBE was created to solve 3 major problems encountered with the different types of hand-tied methods available. First and foremost was the damage to the client's hair and scalp from tension and over-direction. The second was client discomfort due to the contact of beads on the scalp and the common "clamp and crank" bead approach. The third was the complete lack of versatility and styling options that clients experienced. Exposed beads, bonds and braids when they wore their hair up was a major problem. And you can now say goodbye to all 3!

Welcome to IBE


    About IBE   

If you have ever attended an extension certification class, you can without a doubt relate to the common practice that frustrated me every time. Without fail, at the end of each class, you left the room being "CERTIFIED" yet still had so many questions regarding the method or how to apply it behind the chair. You weren't ready, you had NO mentor and NO one to turn to for support.

In creating the IBE certification program I vowed to change the way stylists were educated and bring something NEW to the industry. IBE developed a program focused on setting you as the stylist up for success. You will earn a real "CERTIFICATION" in a patent-pending method that the industry has never seen. You will understand the how's, what's and why's behind the IBE method and be fully confident to correctly apply these skills behind the chair...Without ever having to travel anywhere.

IBE brings a hybrid of technology and one-on-one mentoring to the education experience. With over 16 high definition tutorials broken down into 3 different sections, you will always have a front-row seat. You can pause, stop, rewind and work at your own pace. Once you are confident in the current section you are in, you will begin the one-on-one mentorship with your IBE Master. This Master-Mentor is dedicated to you. Never part of a group class. We are so confident in the education we provide that we offer it with a 100% money-back guarantee. Upon completion, if you don't feel the program was worth every penny you invested we will refund every penny to you, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


Mobile App

So we have taken IBE a step further for our stylists. As mentioned above, ongoing support for newly educated stylists in the extension industry was lacking? Your only resource for answers to your questions was access to a facebook page full of other confused stylists. IBE has solved this problem with our custom-built mobile app. The app was built with the ongoing support of our stylists in mind. Once certified you will be granted optional exclusive access to the IBE app and tight-knit community of Certified and Master stylists around the world. The app was built in forum style so you can post pictures, videos, ask questions, make comments and engage with fellow IBE stylists. You will now be able to interact, support, and build each other up and never be left in the dark with unanswered questions again. 

4 Levels of Certification

Level One

You will begin by learning the basic method of IBE with practice on a mannequin. You will be taught everything from consultation to fitting the right length and color of hair. Sectioning, placement, bead and foundation techniques, weft placements, and proprietary IBE stitching techniques. Learn all these through our innovative online education portal along with your one-on-one mentoring. This will ensure you are comprehending the method learned and its application behind the chair.

Level Two


Once level one is complete, you will step up your game. In level two, you will work through six more high-definition training modules and move to a double row install on a live model. Take everything you have learned in section one and put it into real-life practice. Dig in deep and continue to receive personalized feedback and coaching from your mentor throughout this entire process. Make sure you have every single question answered and that you feel 100% prepared you for your IBE work behind the chair. 


Level Three


Level one and two are in the books. Now you can put some icing on the cake with training on social media and how to market the IBE method. You will be taken through the process of how to get clients seeking you out as an expert extensionist and booking consultations. When level three is complete, you can and join the ranks of being an certified IBE stylist. Get optional access to the mobile app built only for Certified & Master stylists. Also, get that in store access to multiple hand-tied hair lines as an added perk of being part of the IBE family.

Level Four


You don't have to end your education at certification only. For those more serious about really taking IBE to the next level we have a Masters designation. This is for  the stylist that is wanting a higher designation level and to really set themselves apart and dial in your craft. Starting fall of 2020 we will have 4 different Masters courses. Perfect in your skills right where you feel you need them. More info to coming on the Masters page in the certification site.


The Power of a Mentor

Money Back Guarantee

Certify from anywhere in the world

Education Pricing

Pay in Full

$3,000 USD

Includes Money Back Guarantee

Payment Plan

$1,100 USD

$1,100 USD

$1,100 USD

Includes Money Back Guarantee

Stylist Locator

Make your mark! The IBE stylist locator is a POWERFUL tool. Through IBE promotion we have over 40,000 people search for certified IBE stylists on a monthly basis. We put a lot of resources into advertising this map and the promotion of IBE certified stylists. All of this traffic is being directly routed to our certified IBE family. Just another added benefit of being part of the MOST REQUESTED extension brand and the ORIGINAL Invisible Bead Extension method in the industry.