How Invisible Bead Extensions Prospered Even as Other Businesses Faltered Amidst The Pandemic

The year 2020 will go down in history as one of the darkest moments of human history. No one saw it coming, except for a few conspiracy theorists; the world was taken unawares, as nations were ravaged by a virus so contagious and deadly- the entire world stood still. Businesses were shut, towns and cities were locked down and life- as we knew it- changed forever. To contain the virus and slow down its spread, humans had to make huge sacrifices, and businesses paid the ultimate price.

In the midst of this chaos, the world would come to realize that while many businesses suffered, a few flourished. Those businesses who had long embraced remote transactions and digital operations continued to triumph, even as several millions of physically-demanding businesses shut their doors to customers. One of the few that excelled through the trying times is Invisible Bead Extensions. As a complete online-based Certification Program, the pandemic could not stop the global shift from mundane and traditional extension-install methods to the new and improved method McKenzie Turley had to offer.

In her words, the entire philosophy of the training program was such that it could not be affected by the pandemic. “We are a global company that offers training and certification in our revolutionary hair extension method. We have a virtual training platform which is the first of its kind. We understand the importance of offering world-class education and training without requiring busy stylists to take time off to travel to us; we go to them. We have high definition videos that offer a front row seat with the ability to pause, stop and rewind your education”, she says.

The training also pairs each trainee with mentors who are always on hand to guide them over the same virtual platforms. But it doesn’t end with just Certification, there is a follow-up through continued support and education available on the IBE stylists app. There, you’ll find a community of educators, mentors and certified stylists who will continue to guide you and offer advice and answers to your questions. Unlike other training programs that certify you after two days and then leave you high and dry, IBE actually continues to support your business. Using the certified stylist locator, anyone around the world can find you for an extension install.

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Another reason why Invisible Bead Extensions excelled amidst the pandemic was the fact that many people decided to make the most of the ‘shelter-in-place’ and lockdown policies to learn some skills. Stylists saw an opportunity to sharpen their skills and learn what was already becoming an important ingredient in their trade. Furthermore, Turley’s IBE was already prospering as a unique Certification program with a huge online presence and following. This mother of four kids saw an opportunity within the heartbreaking period and made the best of it; for her and for stylists around the world.

She sums it up quite frankly, “we launched our course 6 months before the pandemic hit and stylists around the world were forced to close down their businesses. We flourished during this time because we were already ahead of the curve in offering an online course with everything being done through a virtual training platform. This provided the perfect opportunity for stylists to continue their education and learning while they were quarantined at home,” Turley adds.

It’s sure been an exciting ride and a period of deep reflection for Turley and her team at IBE. Changing the narrative and impacting the world of beauty in no small measure is a feat worthy of commendation. As more stylists continue to join the train, there’s only one way for IBE to go, and that is forward- breaking new grounds and touching lives, one hair at a time.