Invisible Bead Extensions Is Changing the Way Stylists Look at Extension Installs

There were times when telltale extensions of celebrities left us bewildered or pushed us back to our instincts of not getting a hair extension for ourselves. Today, the women glowing in pageants or the beauty industry love the confidence of showing up in one of their favourite natural-looking extensions. So, it is the time when you can also say goodbye to words that describe your hair as “wispy”, ”thin” or ”feathery.” Mckenzie Turley was tired with the kind of extensions that popped out of the scalp or poked you with visible beads. So she came up with a solution to get to the grip of the cosmetology industry.

The founder of Invisible Bead Extensions and mother of four, Turley’s business was the first in the industry to offer beadless extension flip up. It took the industry by STORM! It’s easy to see why so. With seamless extensions, women were happiest to bid goodbyes to the discomfort and hassle of wearing bead extensions. And of course, it was beadless, so they loved wearing their hair freely. The hair extension solutions by IBE introduced a new wave of confidence, thus, they are fondly called “The Original Flip Up.” Often the women who shunned the idea of getting extensions now flipped their hair flawlessly with their invisible stitches and perfectly swinging hair which became a game-changer for their looks.

Well, now that you don’t have to listen to your hairdresser for simply getting a bob cut to get rid of those thin ends, there was something else too that Turley introduced. It was expanding the learning horizons for budding stylists. Being a global company, IBE offers training and certifications in its revolutionary hair extension method. What makes it unique is its virtual mode of training stylists. So when we talk about adding value, the IBE team believes in training their clients boundlessly while giving a chance to every individual to learn and grow. Within the app is a community of certified stylists, educators, and mentors who offer support to stylists in need. So, when stylists are looking to transform into the ‘savviest’ stylists in the industry, the program lets you enjoy the personal attention needed to thrive and shine. Be it practising on tools or diving deeper into the intricacies of the field with Masters Program, these programs could be the single best opportunity for stylists to grow. 

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While the beadless extension industry is booming with some dreamy hair innovations, IBE certifications, without a doubt, is an adornment to stylists’ careers. So before you take the plunge, here’s how Turley explains the significance of a certification, “I will NEVER stop speaking on the importance of quality certification. Again, I say quality because there are varying levels of certification in the hair extension industry. Unlike a new colouring method or cutting technique, extensions can not be learned by attending one class. A quality certification, like that from IBE, offers much more beyond the initial training. Our certification offers continued support and education. We offer a community of educators and mentors that help troubleshoot and encourage proper technique well beyond your initial training.”

With extensive knowledge and expertise, Mckenzie has successfully pinned her prominence in ‘fixing hair flips’ of women out there. Driven by her resilience and energy, she strives to inspire every stylist by imparting the knowledge they need to anchor themselves into the industry. She says, “My advice to any newbies would be JUST DO IT. There are no limitations on age, whether young or old, in this industry. If the focus and drive are there, you will be successful. The moment I chose to specialize as an extension specialist, my career behind the chair changed. My advice to new stylists is to find what you love and focus on it!”