How Traditional Methods of Extension-installs Were Made Irrelevant By Invisible Bead Extensions®

You can’t really do a lot with the hair that you are born with, but you can definitely choose to make it better now! When the trend is to look natural, women are actively choosing natural-looking extensions to get that new style in just a matter of minutes. Thanks to Mckenzie Turley, founder of Invisible Bead Extensions®, who introduced beadless extensions that became a game-changer in the cosmetology industry.

When we talk about traditional hair extensions, it often comes with telltale beads and an itchy scalp that is not only one of the nightmares for your look but also limits your styling experiments. With seamless hair extensions, women loved how they could switch their looks while enjoying an itch-free scalp. Furthermore, Turley aimed at creating methodologies and innovation that would have a unique stitching technique and equal weight distribution to combine a groundbreaking result. So when someone is hoping to get glammed up with quality and natural-looking extensions, beadless extensions have everything that would ensure you that you never have to suffer a ‘bad-hair day’ again! 

With extensive experience in the industry, Turley rolled out IBE® certifications that have been empowering young stylists with exactly the education and training that they have been looking to learn invisible bead extensions. She says, “With IBE®, we changed the way stylists look at an extension install.” 

Turley’s personal experiences in the field drove her to launch this certification. “This industry is full of ‘noise’. There are so many stylists that proclaim to be extension educators, but really are just looking to gain social media followers. They push content out that is “clickbait”, looking to be an educational reel, but the real intent is to try and have something go viral”, she says. While she was familiar with the flawed tutorials and horrific hair extension techniques of the industry, she channelised her passion to create an authentic medium for stylists to learn and grow. 

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Their training is driven by the idea of familiarizing stylists with sincere ideas about the industry and the practical complexities of perfect extensions. Plus, their stylists love how virtual training doesn’t limit their learning due to geographical boundaries. Full sessions also pair stylists with a mentor for personalized training and guidance. IBE® has a lot to offer young stylists and most importantly, it is the confidence imparted and learning that accelerates the growth of stylists in a short time. Unlike the “1-minute extension tutorial” or “5-minute easy YouTube session,” learning an invisible beads extension facility is no piece of cake, and IBE® makes sure stylists leave no stone unturned to understand the real world of cosmetology.

The methods and comfort of invisible hair extensions are equivalent to magic in the cosmetology industry. Today, when women want to glam up with a voluminous look or a long twisted tail, they do not have to commit to revealing beads or undue tension on their scalp. While this method has popularly made its space in the industry, it has equally elevated the opportunities for budding stylists. Amidst such opportunities, it is all about learning the techniques the right way and with ideal trainers, and IBE® promises its approaches to prepare stylists entirely to hit the ground running.