5 Unique Ways in Which Invisible Bead Extensions Has Completely Changed the Face of the Cosmetology Industry

The urge to improve appearances with quick choices available is a big factor in doubling the demand for hair extensions in the cosmetology industry. Flowy, thicker and natural-looking hair is just like a dream for millions. Fortunately, Invisible Bead Extensions® have transformed the way stylists and industry look at extension installs. The Founder and Coach of IBE®, Mckenzie Turley found the ideal extension method for creating finer looks and seamless extensions. For Turley, “Good extensions are invisible and comfortable”, and with that idea, she introduced comfortable hair extension techniques that were not just natural-looking but also a solution for the problems like undue tension and hair damage. Her unique method created a new wave of confidence along with some revolutionary changes in the industry. 

“The Original Flip-Up”

Invisible Bead Extensions’ methods were like a fresh breath of air to the cosmetology industry. IBE® was the first in the industry to offer a bead-less extension flip-up. With more proficient weaving techniques and beadless hairdos, people loved how invisible hair extensions did not limit their hairstyles and at the same time provided them the freedom from the telltale and pokey beads. 

The Unwavering Learning Opportunities

Turley expanded her innovative footprints in the industry by introducing a certification that would let young stylists explore wide avenues to progress. This virtual training platform has revolutionized the cosmetology industry by introducing stylists to learning that brings a fresh wave of confidence and remarkable innovation to the industry. With a growing demand for learning invisible extensions, this well-rounded training is a deep dive into the intricacies of seamless hair extensions and sketching the ways to flourish in the competitive arena. While stylists get opportunities to start with the basics and level up to the IBE® masters program, the training is nothing short of the exemplary learning that stylists often hunt for.

Eliminating the “Noise” and “Flaws” 

IBE® has successfully gained a reputation for delivering more than a mere certification. It has a lot more to offer to its stylists. While the “noise” of misleading training and “1-minute tutorials” in the industry has overshadowed the resilience and work required to learn beadless extensions, Turley strongly believes in the ability of smart yet thorough education that empowers the stylists to thrive anywhere in the world. Young stylists often stumble into a trap of false commitments made by non-certified educators and trainers and end up getting misled. When you get trained with the IBE® team, you will be standing out with expertise and technical ability to create hair extensions.

The Art of Inevitable Growth

Almost every industry was hit hard by the 2020 economic slump, and the cosmetology industry was no exception. While its grinding recovery still highlights some challenges in businesses, in-training stylists of the IBE® continued their education and practice through virtual training. When the world was dim, the IBE® team was ramping up the efforts to accommodate the influx of stylists wanting to join the virtual courses. It further enabled numerous stylists to make profits while consistently delivering their services. 

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Leveraging The New Oxygen of the Era

Today, the world runs on social media. Be it a viral post that keeps the audience informed or some insightful content that keeps them glued for hours to their phone, the digital world is the new oxygen. Adjacently, it has done wonders to businesses as well as personal brands. IBE® is one such brand that boasts its personal touch with stylists in virtual training as well as on social media while enabling them to showcase their work and expertise on IBE®‘s digital platforms. The future of stylists depends on their abilities to keep up with the trends and, IBE® training is keeping them well acquainted with the ways to do it!