How Invisible Bead Extensions is Solving the 3 Major Problems Associated with Traditional Extension Installs

Hair extensions occupy a special spot in the world of beauty. For the different types and styles that we see around, it is quite instructive to know that much is left to be desired. Think about it, how many times have you stepped out of a salon after an extension install and felt like taking the entire thing out?! What about those times you felt like a lot more can be done to make your extensions look better? If you have, then you’re not alone. There are thousands, if not millions, of women out there who can no longer hold their frustrations about the mediocrity of many extension methods out there.

In the midst of all the frustration, one woman, Mckenzie Turley, has gone beyond words and is revolutionizing extension installs in a way that is less ambiguous, neater, and simply Invisible. Her brand, Invisible Bead Extensions is a superb solution created out of a desire to solve the many problems associated with hair extensions. The idea was to offer a bead-less extension flip up and also offer quality education to stylists around the world. As a hand-tied extension method, Invisible Bead Extensions is the result of research and experience, created to solve three major problems associated with traditional extension installs.

Damage to Clients’ Hair and Scalp. Many women still have to go through the horrors of having their extensions glued in. As gentle as advertisers may try to make it seem, you’re always at a danger of losing the part of your hair the extension is attached to. Let’s not even talk about the pain you’d need to endure if that glued part sticks to something else. What about clip-on, you may ask? This method also leads to hair damage as a result of pressure from the clip-on tab as well as the weight of a giant weft of hair or little clips attached around your head.

This weight can cause constant pulling and weakening, which can go on to affect the hair and irritate the scalp. Dreading and matting, especially when done haphazardly, can also cause some level of damage to your hair; from the mildew odor resulting from a lack of mobility and inability to clean, to weight-causing alopecia. With the training offered by Invisible Bead Extensions, stylists are better able to fix hand-tied extensions without using adhesives or harmful methods.

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Discomfort. There’s nothing quite as disturbing as having to hit, tap, scratch and adjust your extensions all day long because you’re not comfortable. For hand-tied extensions, this often comes as a result of the beads making contact with your scalp, especially because many stylists still adopt the silly ‘clamp and crank’ method of beading. Invisible Bead Extensions takes away this problem using its patented approaches that prevents that contact between beads and the scalp. As a certified IBE stylist, you become more attuned to the needs and comfort of your clients.

Absence of Styling Options and Versatility. For so many years, clients have had to deal with exposed beads and bonds whenever they had their extensions installed. This is not merely a messy problem, but is a function of the limitation of hair stylists. The revolutionary education model of IBE exposes hair stylists to a wide array of beading styles and methods, while opening the minds of trainees to limitless creativity and innovativeness. With IBE’s online training program, you won’t just leave the course certified, but redefined and prepared for success in the hand-tied hair extension industry. Due to its unique method and success stories, the brand has garnered close to 130,000 followers on Instagram with incredible content and clear results.